MeeraLahore: Actress Meera has sent her annual tax statement to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) as her monthly expense is less than Peon. According to the reports, when FBR asked Meera to show her assets and belongings, in response she wrote to FBR that her monthly expenses of her home is Rs. 3000, it means she expends only Rs. 100 each day.

The famous actress may be trying to fool the FBR or playing some finesse as it is impossible to spend only Rs. 100 per day in this time of infaltion. However, FBR did not accept her statement regarding her expense and decided to send her notice again in order to show bank balance, vehicles, houses and other belonging which she possess. Film star Meera has paid only Rs. 35,000 last year in form of tax to FBR as she has earned Rs. 6, 60, 000 in the previous year, according to her Income Tax Returns of 2013.

It is pertinent to mention that FBR has sent legal notices to 11 famous showbiz personalities for not paying tax accordingly on their genuine incomes. As FBR has requested to Pakistani actresses like Noor, Nirma, Laila, Veena and others to show their assets and properties.