MeeraLahore: Lollywood actress Meera has announced to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s sit-ins in Islamabad as she has expressed her desire earlier that she wants to see Imran khan as a Prime Minister. According to the details, Meera who tries to take limelight through scandals is free as she is not a part of any project these days due to which she is trying to being in news through PTI’s Dharna.

Controversial actresses Meera has also proposed Imran Khan for marriage few days ago while saying that if Imran Khan will propose her for marriage then she will definitely accept his proposal for sure. She has also suggested to Imran Khan to wear Amir Adnan’s Sherwani on his big day. [alert style=”white”]Some circles are thinking that I am joking that I want to marry Imran Khan but I want to tell them that I am serious and Imran and my pair will be the world’s most successful couple, Meera said after return from abroad. [/alert]

The 38-years old actress further added that Imran Khan could not find a better girl than me, and it will be my first and last marriage. She also said that Imran Khan also wants to make “Naya Pakistan” like me that’s why we would be best couple. There is a big change in my life, I’m moving to a new destination by leaving my past back, Meera added.