Fatima Effendi a young Pakistani actress, model and fashion consultant is from Karachi. She is the daughter of Fouzia Mushtaq who herself is a well-known actress. Fatima is among the few Pakistani actors who have been appearing on the TV screen since their childhood. She appeared in child roles as early as 10 years of age later on she had been shot for some commercials too that also at a very young age.

Fatima started her showbiz career in 2001 although she was not a star at that stage but as time passed by her popularity began to increase. After her debut she had a break of about 5-6 years. She made her came back in 2007 and her performance on her come back proved as a breakthrough for her career in acting. She got a role in the drama ‘Shehr-e-Dil Ke Darwazay’ which proved to be a big hit and a first important step for her career too.

Along with her other projects she also worked on Drama Serial ‘Baji’ in 2008 which again proved to be a success. Fatima continuously gained popularity as an actress for playing different roles. Consequently another Drama serial ‘Chal Jhooti’ starring Fatima was aired from Hum TV which again was a hit.

Fatima-effendiHer other hit serials include ‘Pul Sirat’ which was aired at ARY Digital, going on further the list also includes ‘Ishq Ebadat’ telecasted via Geo TV another hit which was aired at Geo TV was ‘Kash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti’ and ‘Sandal’. Her hits which were aired from HUM TV include ‘Mujhe apna bana lo’, ‘Meri Unsuni Kahani’, ‘Larkiyan Muhallay ki’ and ‘Man o Salwa’.  Geo TV also telecasted her dramas ‘Meri Zaat Zarrae Benishan’, ‘kuch kami si hai’ and ‘Masi aur Malka’.

Fatima has also worked in some famous commercials, commercial for Djuice is one of them the ’Ali Jiger, Haris Jiger’ advert which made her famous as Jiger Girl. Other adverts include ads for Washing powder, a tea brand and toothpaste. Fatima is also experienced in hosting she has hosted shows at MTV Pakistan and TVOne. Fatima got married in 2012 to a famous actor Kanwar Arsalan.

She has also worked with her husband in some dramas. Fatima holds a Bachelor’s Degree in fashion design. Her degree along with her work as fashion consultant is evident for her Interest in fashion designing.