Lahore: Versatile actress of Pakistan Bushra Ansari is asking a double amount for working in dramas. Actress has been casted for working in comedy drama of the production company of Lahore and Bushra asked for the huge amount of one Lakh rupees for per episode. Actress would take the amount of 40 to 50 thousand for per episode previously.

Bushra AnsariActress Bushra is the most famous actress of Pakistan and famous for her comedy. She is liked by everyone in Pakistan and she is managed to perform every types of role properly. Not only in acting but also in singing and hosting she is good. She has always done a wonderful job in her all fields, she belongs with.

Bushra has done several work for showbiz and got a lot of fame. She is working in Pakistan Idol as a judge these days and doing a brilliant job in this program, Actress is also good at mimicry, she has the ability to mimic everyone and famous for this in public. Every types of role suit her because she is good at everything. She is a multitalented woman of Pakistan and this is her right to take a good amount for working.