Actress Benish KhanLahore: Actress Benish Khan is hopeful for Lollywood revival and said that we all have to work hard in order to make our Pakistani film industry stand again as our industry is facing great crisis. She said that I am very fond of dancing as dancing is my passion. I never get jealous from any one and I always respect my seniors, she added.

Actress Benish Khan said that I always try to learn from my seniors because showbiz is a field where lot of hard work is required to make your name in the industry as it is not easy to mark your name in the showbiz industry. She further added that I hate vulgarity due to which I have rejected so many offers of stage dramas as I don’t think those actresses who make their name in the field of industry by taking the support of vulgarity are successful. Government should take severe actions against those who are spreading obscenity and vulgarity, Benish Khan remarked.

Benish Khan also said that I think it is more difficult to work in TV dramas rather than films but TV dramas gives you lot of opportunities to learn new things.[alert style=”green”]I am satisfied and happy with my work since I have been working in the stage dramas due to which I have a record number of fans as my fan following is increasing day by day, Benish Khan said.[/alert]