Ayesha SanaPakistani actress and host Ayesha Khan is facing her fake Facebook profiles due to which she has revealed that I have no Facebook account as there are many fake Facebook profiles in which my name is using in order to distract people.

Actress Ayesha Sana told that people are creating mess by these types of wrongdoings and dishonest activities by which lot of people are considering that I am using Facebook and these are my real profiles and pages. But the truth is that I don’t have any Facebook account and page as people are creating fake accounts in order to make people fool by using my name, actress added. She also requested to all the users of Facebook and public that do not believe on these accounts as I am not a user of Facebook.

Lot of Pakistani actresses have faced this trouble and had claimed that people are dodging public by using their names through Fake accounts. These Fake accounts are also become the reason of scandals for many actresses due to which they have to face many problems in her career. As we know that the trend of fake accounts on social media is going on since many years and it is increasing day by day due to which lot of people are becoming the victim of fraud. Some narrow minded people are destroying the means of social media through their immoral acts and creating mess in the life of other people.