aDanish-Taimoor_Ayeza-KhanLahore: The famous and well known face of Pakistani drama industry is going to sacrifice of her showbiz career for the sake of her love. As per the latest reports, Aiza Khan has decided to leave showbiz in order to get married with his Cousin Danish Taimoor because Danish’s family has demanded Aiza to leave her acting career.

Beautiful actress Aiza khan who got engaged with famous actor Danish Taimoor in 2013 is all set to get married with Danish Taimoor in few months. Due to which Aiza Khan is ready to sacrifice her successful career which is getting on the top day by day as new projects, dramas, modeling, films and endorsements are emerging into her way. Aiza Khan who loves both her fiancé and her career has choose Danish Taimoor over her bright future and not looking for any other new projects as she has made her mind to quit from her acting career.

The couple who has faced many ups and down in their relationship has finally decided to get married in this year which is surely a good news for their fans as their on-screen couple were also adore by many fans in drama serial Sari Bhool Humari Thi. Lovebirds of Pakistani industry have not finalized their wedding date but it has confirmed that both famous personalities of Pakistan drama industry is going to tie knot this year 2014.