Actor Imran Jilani will be appeared in Pakistan theaters after a long time as according to the latest news Pakistan actor, producer and director Zia Zarif has offered Imran Jilani to work in Eid stage drama named as “Hasane Wale Agaye” which will be telecast on the first day of Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Zia Zarif, Mahi, Kamal Idrees, Aamir Rambo, Aamir Raza and including other actors will work along with actor Imran Ali in this Eid stage drama as Saleem Sheikh will give instructions of the show. Actor Zia Zarif also told to the media that Imran Jilani has worked in several theater plays and television serials before his two elder brothers named as Adnan Jilani and Kamran Jilani who are also leading names of TV dramas. Returning of Imran Jilani would be a good omen for theater artists as junior artists can also learn a lot from him, Zia Zarif added.

Actor Imran Jilani is the son of legend actor of radio and television Kurban Jilani as he was the most devoted, hardworking and committed actor of Pakistani industry. Like his father, Imran Jilani is a versatile actor who has great talent as well as has a capability to attract audience with his performance.