Rawalpindi: Pakistani actor Haroon Rashid Kayani has condemned his fake death’s news which has been publishing in various newspapers. He said that I’m alive and safe by the grace of Allah and these are baseless and fake news that Haroon Rashid Kayani has died. It is true that I shot during a robbery incident, due to which I got injured but bullets were shot in my legs, as I have a leg operation soon, actor Haroon Rashid Kayani said.

Pakistani actor who has worked in movies and TV dramas also appealed to his fans that please pray for my recovery as I want to work for entertainment industry by getting recovered as soon as possible. It I pertinent to mention that news has published in several newspapers that veteran actor Haroon Rashid Kayani has died during a robbery incident at his home. Haroon Rashid Kayani has cleared this rumor by stating this news as fake and requested to his fans not to believe in these types of news.

Actor Haroon Rashid Kayani has been working in entertainment industry since many years as he has appeared in several Potohar movies and TV dramas of Pakistan with famous actors as he is known as one of the talented actor of Pakistan.