Absa KomalNewscaster Absa Komal has joined Geo News as a news anchor recently as she worked before with Samaa TV. Absa Komal is known as one of the talented news anchor who possesses far-reaching experience in the field of journalism as she has also worked with Capital TV. Newscaster Absa Komal has now become a part of the leading channel Geo News after running great programs at different channels as tremendous hosting is her another ability.

Absa Komal started to get great appreciation and fame when she started to host a program named as Yeh Kya Baat Huye on Capital TV. She completed her graduation in Media Studies from Islamabad University and started her career from Radio Pakistan in 2011. Absa Komal tends to work hard as she is very passionate about her work since the time of her starting career due to which she is successful making her remarkable footsteps in the field of media.

New talent of Pakistan Absa Komal has always proved herself in hosting and news anchoring through her wide knowledge on the current affairs. She completely knows how to face camera with confidence as well as she has an ability to capture great deal of attention through her way of talking and attitude.