Geo News has announced Pakistan’s biggest Ramzan transmission which will be hosted by renowned host and religious scholar Dr. Aamir Liaquat Husain. The registration for Ramzan transmission which is named as “Ramzan Sharif, has been started. People from all around the country are encouraged to apply for participating in “Ramzan Sharif” transmission and maximum 4 members of a family can register for Ramazan Sharif through online form procedure. However according to the sources, there will be only Iftar transmission on Geo News despite of the previous years when both the Sehri and Iftar transmissions were live telecasted.

Inam Ghar would be a part of Ramzan Shareef transmission, which will be held after Iftar in the same show. Expensive prizes will be given in the question and answer segment and it has been announced for the participants to come with preparation. Cars, Gold Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Plots, and unlimited Mobile Phones and Tablets will be given to the successful participants.

[alert style=”white”] However, participants can also win their own home in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and this will be given to those who would have extra ordinary Islamic information. [/alert]

It has been also announced by the management of “Ramzan Sharif” that all the passes for the transmission will be given on registration only and strictly are not being sold. The management of the transmission has also requested the public to inform nearest police station if they found anyone selling Ramzan Sharif passes.

[alert style=”white”] Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to participate in the transmission. [/alert]

Ramazan Sharif program bannerThe procedure for registration in the Ramzan Sharif transmission is very simple and interested people can fill in the form given the form on the website or send email. Interested people will have to provide their basic information including their Name, City, Address, Education, Gender, CINC, Age, Mobile Number, Email (Optional) and their Picture.

If interested person also wants his family members to participate with him in the transmission, they would also have to fill in their information in the separate form; option will be given after filling first form. It has been also Cleary mentioned by the management that Geo News will not be responsible for any mishap.

[alert style=”white”] Interested people who want to participate in the Ramzan Sharif transmission can Register Online or send email at [/alert]

To Participate Your Children in ROZAKUSHAI section, email at