Meera ProposedControversial queen and actress of Pakistan film industry, Meera is proposed by 60 years old Ex Member of National Assembly. The chief of Safi tribe from Mohmand agency affiliated with the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League N, Malik Wazir Muhammad expressed his willingness to marry with film star Meera. Malik Wazir Muhammad is already married and have 6 children but he is ready to marry again. While talking to the Tribal News Network, Malik Wazir Muhammad said that if Meera approved his proposal, he will bring her to Mohmand agency and marry with tribal traditions. He also said that he will fulfill all the needs of film actress and will also make her a member of the National Assembly.

Last year Meera had send a proposal to PTI chief Imran Khan and shows her willingness to marry with the former cricketer turned politician. But Imran Khan rejects her proposal by saying that he is very busy in the making of “Naya Pakistan” and that is why unable to marry. Meera was so disappointed after the rejection of her proposal and said that no one is ready to marry her. She had also asked the journalists to find someone for her marriage, two weeks ago.

The fans of film star Meera are waiting for her reply to the proposal in order to end the suspense created after this news.