Hyderabad: A 3-D Cinema, Cine Moosh got opened for Hyderabad’s local people on the Holy occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. Thus, adding a way to entertainment for people on the festival. Since its opening, crowds have been visiting the movie place. The cinema has attracted college going students, rich families, thus making itself a centre of amusement and attraction.

However, the local people are reported to have complained of high ticket prices. Students mostly have complained of the high charges, that is Rs. 600 per ticket for an individual. For middle class families and the college students, paying the amount would restrict them to go the cinema.

2D and 3D movies would be screened in the cinema that has the capacity to accommodate around 150 people.

Presently, the high rated Pakistani movie, ‘Waar’ is screened in the cinema.  The movie stares Meesha Shafi, Shan Shahid, Shamoon Abbasi, Ayesha Khan and other actors and actresses in the movie which is directed by Bilal Lashari.

CineMoosh is located off Auto Bhan, famous place in the district. A restaurant is located near the place has the cinema operatives in its storey houses. The cinema is said to be run by several members, a partnership run business.

The emergence of the cinema house along with the lavish style restaurant has also attracted the extortionists who have several times demanded hefty amount, a practice common in Karachi.

People have called the establishment of new cinemas a positive thing, revival of cinema industry. But, have pleaded the cinema owners to lower the tickets price so that all genera can visit the place and get amused by the comfortable and amusing environment.

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