Zille Huma (Late) Biography

Zille Huma (late) the daughter of famous singer Noor Jahan (late) was born on February 21, 1944 to Noor Jahan and Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi a filmmaker. She was the youngest child of her parents. Zille Huma faced a tough life as her parents divorced when she was at a very small age. After the divorce of her parents she lived with... more →
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Senior TV Host Fareeha Idrees Biography

Fareeha Idrees is a renowned anchorperson and journalist. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan. She got fame as anchorperson for her, current affairs program ‘News Beat’. She went to University of Westminster, London for her Master’s degree in Broadcast and Print Journalism. Fareeha initiated her journalism career from... more →
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Actress Sabeeka Imam Biography

Sabeeka Imam
Young, gorgeous and talented Sabeeka Imam proved herself in Acting and Modeling. She was born in London, United Kingdom. Her father belongs to Lucknow, India and her Mother is from Kashmir and Iran. She had traveled a lot as perks of being daughter of both doctor parents. She lived and got education from Saudi Arabia, Miami and Mumbai... more →
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Chef Noreen Amir Brief Biography

Noreen Amir
Chef Noreen is the best chef of Pakistan; her sweets are quite famous in viewers. She has been cooking food since she was very young. She came in this field by winning the competition in cooking show “Kaun banega Kitchen Queen”. Her program “Riwayaton Ki Lazzat” is getting a good feedback from the food lovers. People, who... more →
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