Muslim Journalism During 1939-1947

During this phase the Muslim press grew rather rapidly. A Number of English language newspapers sprang up while Urdu* Press too had new additions. Together with the old newspapers, they voiced Muslim political aspirations with still greater force and placed the major role in mobilizing public opinion in support of the Pakistan Movement.... more →
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Role Of Muslim Press In Pakistan Movement

Our struggle began with the 1857 National Struggle for Independence when the British liquidated almost the entire Muslim Press, shot dead the proprietor of Delhi Urdu Akhbar, issued warrants of arrest of its editor Muhammad Azad and sentenced Jamiluddin, editor of another paper to 3 years imprisonment. In the trial of Bahadur Shah,... more →
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Tormer East Pakistan Press

The areas comprising former East Pakistan have always been extremely backward in the field of journalism. Ilefore Partition, these areas remained ignored, because Calcutta, the seat of the Central Government, and later Provincial capital, was the main centre of cultural, social and journalistic activities. The “Dacca News’ was... more →
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