Mohib Mirza Separation & Divorce With Aamina Sheikh

Famous Pakistani actor Mohib Mirza revealed about separation & divorce with his wife Aamina Sheikh with whom he was married from past 14 years. Mohib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh were known as a successful couple in the industry who have been together from many years. It is not known what differences resulted in divorce or who decided... more →
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Amar Khan is Going to Make Her Big Screen Debut with Dum Mastam

Amar Khan Image Actress
Karachi: Actress and writer Amar Khan is all set to rock the big screen for the first time with the feature film “Dum Mastam”, which is also written by the fast-rising star herself. Starring as the lead protagonist alongside the Ranjha Ranjha Kardi famed Imran Ashraf, the film is a romantic comedy that follows the story of the... more →
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Sanam Chaudhry Dramas, Marriage, Husband & Family Details

Sanam Chaudhry is a model & popular actress in Pakistan known for her work in Pakistani dramas & movies. This biography will reveal details about her professional and personal life. Early Life: She was born in Lahore on July 27, 1991 in a family where no one was part of media industry. Details about her parents and siblings... more →
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