Fun, family and Tea: Lipton Silence’ Advertisement Reminds us of the most Important Things in Life

The term ‘less is more’ has perhaps never been more relevant in human history. Scientific development has mostly been focused on enriching our lives by providing us with choices. But a wide range of options can often be a distraction. In some way, shape or form external stimuli are presenting loads of information to process,... more →
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Spirit of Math is Closing The Education Gap In Pakistan – Genius!

Lahore: Spirit of Math (SoM) is Canada’s largest after  school math enrichment program with over 8500 students and 40 campuses spread across Canada, United States and now Lahore, Pakistan. Spirit of Math started classes in Lahore at the end of August 2017 in two locations, and are now opening two new locations this month. For... more →
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