Pakistani Artists and Cricketers Who are Supporting PTI

Pakistani artists supporting PTI
Political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf who has been protesting in Islamabad for 40 days with great enthusiasm and zeal has a great support of Pakistani artists and cricketers as it seems that Pakistani artists have special devotion towards the chairman of PTI Imran Khan. The support of Pakistani artists and cricketers to PTI has... more →
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Singer Farhan Saeed Starts Acting Career From Hum TV

Farhan Saeed
Renowned Pakistani singer Farhan Saeed is going to made his acting debut from Hum TV very soon as Farhan has been seen in the title song of upcoming drama serial of Hum TV. It is pertinent to mention that Farhan Saeed did not make any of his appearance despite of his music videos and interview but recently he has seen while performing... more →
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