Tonight With Fereeha Starts on Abb Takk TV Channel

Fereeha Idrees
Fereeha Idrees recently joined Abb Takk TV, replacing Jasmeen Manzoor. She ishosting the prime time Program ‘Tonight with Fereeha’ which on-airs Monday through Friday at 8:03pm starting from 6th April. The promo of her program depicts her fearless and risk taking nature along with the realization of the situation around. Balanced... more →
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Fareeha Idrees Joins Abb Takk

Fareeha Idrees
Famous anchorperson and Journalist Fareeha Idrees joins Abb Takk TV. She was previously working in Waqt News and hosted a prime time program “8 PM with Fareeha Idrees”. She gave one month leaving notice to Waqt News management that will expire on April 4 and will join Abb Takk team from April 6. She will be replacing Jasmeen... more →
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