Why Waseem Badami Quit Bol Network? Reason Revealed

tv anchor Waseem Badami
Senior TV host Waseem Badami has left Bol Network due to disputes with the higher management of Channel, sources told Pakistan Media Updates. He joined Bol News in October last year performing duties as Executive Vice President and senior anchorperson. Bol Network tweeted about Waseem Badami’s resignation and gave him best wishes... more →
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Controller Geo News Ansar Ali Naqvi Connected with Bol Network

Ansar Ali Naqvi
Most senior and maestro of Pakistani media industry, Ansar Ali Naqvi has join an upcoming television channel, Bol News Network. Ansar Ali Naqvi has recently resigned from Geo news after a long association of 24 years with Jang and Geo Group. Ansar Ali Naqvi completed his undergraduate studies from Sindh University, Jamshoro in 1994.... more →
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Female Newscaster Maria Memon Joins Bol Network

Maria Memon
Famous female newscaster and program host Maria Memon has join Bol News Network. Maria Memon is one of the most experienced newscasters of Pakistani media industry and Geo News. The Anchorperson and host of Geo News last month informed her followers on Social Website Twitter that she has resigned from the channel and received a Farewell... more →
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