Pakistani Bloggers Receive Legal Notice from Axact group

Pakistani Bloggers have received legal Notices from Axact group over the matter of reproducing and uplifting the article published in New York Times. The blogs include ‘Pak Tea House’ and ‘Dispatch News Desk’ who were sent legal notices from the Lawyers of Axact Group. ‘Pak Tea House’ originally posted the news about... more →
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Axact Fake Diploma Scandal; Both Side Views

The New York Times published an Article which is uncovering the business Axact is carrying out from its headquarters in Pakistan. That article sparked a new discussion on the Pakistani Media too. The article claims that Axact is a Diploma Mill issuing thousands of fake certificates, Diplomas and Degrees online. Axact owns a big education... more →
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Journalist Shakeel Ahmed Connected with Bol Network

Shakeel Ahmed who is a senior journalist has been signed up by Bol TV. Shakeel Ahmed has diverse and rich experience in reporting. He also has been working as a producer. He is specialized in covering economic related news and news from parliament along with political news. Shakeel is also experienced in anchoring programs on Radio... more →
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BOL Network Gives Farewell Party to Waseem Badami

BOL Network recently bid farewell to Waseem Badami who left BOL Network few days ago. The farewell was attended by a number of prominent office bearers of BOL Group and Axact. Chairman and CEO Axact and BOL Media Group Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh was also present along with Mr. Viqas Atiq who is Vice Chairman and COO of Axact and BOL... more →
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