Express News RatingsOne of the leading news channels of Pakistan, Express News has found guilty on ratings issue by an international auditor. According to the reports of Pakistani media industry, Robert Ruud of Robert Ruud Analysetjenester has confirmed that the manipulation had been done by the Express News channel in its rating. The report has also confirmed that several news channels have bare loss of millions of rupees as a result of this manipulation. Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) has issued a show-cause notice to Express News and asked to reply within 10 days.

The issue was started few days ago when CEO of Media Logic had called a press conference and told the journalists that the organization have caught its employees red handed making manipulations in ratings. Salman Danish told the media that the accused employees of Media Logic were on the payroll of Express News channel and have made its ratings high through manipulation. After those allegations, PBA had temporarily suspends the membership of the channel and decided to have third party inquiry on this issue. However, international auditor Robert Ruud Analysetjenester has proved that the manipulation had been actually done.

“The auditor concluded that there was undeniable evidence of tampering in favor or Express channels”, part of Press Release issued by PBA.

On the other hand, Express News has refused to accept the allegations on ratings issue and claimed that the channel is popular on social media and have millions of followers.