What is the reality of Kashmala Tariq Marriage?

Kashmala TariqKashmala Tariq; well known and fascinating Pakistani woman politicians. She complete her LLB and LLM as a cooperate lawyer at Punjab Law College. But, now she is an active political leader and woman right activist. She also served as a member of National Assembly form 2002 till 2012- ten years tenure.


She faces many rumors on her marriage since she has started her career as a woman politician, but all baseless allegation of her marriage affairs end when she finally married with Mr. Tariq Rashid Khan.

Now, this is a universal fact that Kashmala Tariq Marriage is confirmed with Mr. Tariq Rashid Khan; even they are the parents of one child, whom name is Azlan Khan.

She is a great woman right activist and she has done a lot of effort for protecting woman right in constitution during her tenure as the member of national assembly Pakistan.

Currently, she is one of the active political leaders of PML-N.

Unfortunately, It is common practice in Political atmospheres to know that who is going to marry with whom; therefore, most of the time many politicians, either be a male or female, face marriage scandal.

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