Actress Fatima Effendi Brief Biography

Fatima Effendi a young Pakistani actress, model and fashion consultant is from Karachi. She is the daughter of Fouzia Mushtaq who herself is a well-known actress. Fatima is among the few Pakistani actors who have been appearing on the TV screen since their childhood. She appeared in child roles as early as 10 years of age later on... more →
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Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui Brief Biography

Sheheryar Munawar the young Pakistani actor, film producer and model was born in Karachi in 1988. Completed his early education from Karachi and also completed his High Schooling from Karachi later on joined Institute of Business Administration (IBA) for pursuing higher education. He graduated from IBA with a bachelor’s degree... more →
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Axact Co-Founder Viqas Atiq Biography

Viqas Atiq
Viqas Atiq is the Vice Chairman and COO (Co- Founder) of Axact and Pakistan largest media group BOL. He has worked with full devotion to take the company to new and higher levels. He gains strong business acumen and broad vision. He is the vital person in taking new steps and is with Axact since its inception. He has a powerful visionary... more →
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