Humaima’s Unprofessional Attitude Annoys Imran Hashmi

The Indian Bollywood actor known for his boldness, Emraan Hashmi who had once been an admirer of Pakistani model and actress Humaima Malik is quite annoyed at her now. The two media figures are shooting for their first ever movie together. Humaima earlier had delayed the movie shootings due to the visa issues. After that, her unprofessional... more →
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Meera Says No To Speaking English

Meera, the Lollywood actress has finally decided to give up speaking English. She spoke to the media men that she is fond of conversing in Urdu language but as need of the time, she has had to speak English. Otherwise, speaking English had never been her choice. Last year by September, it was high in news that Meera wants to learn... more →
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Zeba’s Son Azaan Sami Khan Got Wedded

azaan sami wedding
Azaan Sami Khan, the twenty year old child of Adnan Sami Khan and ZebaBakhtiyar, lately, got coupled to his infancy lover Sofia. Couple wastied upin engagement in the preceding half year and celebrated their formal wedding currently. Before the bulletin of his marriage, Azaan was in the spotlights for his imminent entrance as a director.... more →
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