Editorial Staff Forced To Resign at Leading Newspaper

exit sign
Over 30 of our editorial staff has been forced to resign yesterday for reasons known to the powers that be. With each employee who has been sacked, a few more lives depending on them have been affected. They were all working here for some reason –arranging for their children’s and siblings’ weddings, paying their rent and children’s... more →
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Actress Nisha Malik Chaudhary Found Dead At Her Residency

Nisha Malik Chaudhary
Lahore: Pakistani film actress and model Nisha Chaudhary who was ready to make her debut in the film industry this Eid was found dead at her residency. Nisha Malik was found hanging with ceiling fan in her room. According to the family members Nisha had a minor fight with the family and after that she took the extreme step of committing... more →
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