Actor Khalid Saleem Mota is Facing Serious Eyes Issues

Khalid Saleem Mota
Famous actor of Pakistani showbiz industry Khalid Saleem Mota is facing serious eyes problem nowadays, due to which he has also left the showbiz industry for some time. While talking to a newspaper, Khalid Saleem Mota said that he is suffering from cataract in both of his eyes nowadays. He said that he had gone through a surgery... more →
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Beware from “Dubsmash 2” Android App

Dubsmash 2
Dubsmash app has become the most popular app on social media nowadays and people are dubbing their videos by only lip sync on the famous dialogues from either any film or drama. Famous cricketers and showbiz personalities have also entered in the Dubsmash world and entertained their fans and followers with their videos. But the problem... more →
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Hum TV and Jaag TV Logos Get Trolled by Pakistani Social Media

Hum Jaag TV Logo
The same sex marriage law approval from the US court has started a debate in all over the world and verbal fight has been started between the critics and supporters of this law. The fight is just not restricted on the mainstream media but widely spread throughout the social media and has become one of the most discussed topics. In... more →
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Fight Between Hamza Ali Abbasi And Imaan Mazari On Same Sex Marriage

Hamza Ali Abbasi Imaan Mazari
After same sex marriages legalized in the United States, the debate of merits and demerits has been started in the whole world, where the supporters and the opponents are giving their arguments. Even social media has become a battle field for both the parties and they are giving their arguments to either favour or oppose the current... more →
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Asad Kharal Joins Channel 24, Quit ARY News

Asad Kharal
Senior and experienced investigative Journalists of Pakistani electronic and print media industry, Asad Kharal has join Channel 24 after resigning from ARY News. He has joined the newly started channel as a head of investigation cell and will also host stories based program in Channel 24 soon. The sources of the media industry have... more →
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Actor Munawwar Saeed Tells Why Pakistani Dramas Were Hit?

Munawwar Saeed
Veteran actor of Pakistani television industry Munawwar Saeed has revealed the secret behind the success of Dramas in the past. In a recent interview for newspaper, one of the most experienced actors has said that there was a respect for the directors in the past and that is the reason behind the success of every drama at that time.... more →
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