Actress Babra Sharif Is going To Marry Again

babra Sharif
Lahore: 59 years old Babra Sharif took a decision to get married again, but she did not tell the further details about it. Babra got married with the famous film actor Shahid in past but just after one year she got divorce from him. After divorce she did not get married again, according to her this marriage was the worst decision... more →
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Actress Jana Malik T- Shirt Controversy Spread On Social Media

jana malik
Pakistani drama actress Jana Malik has become the part of the protest of public because she wore a controversial T-Shirt. She wore the shirt Allah was written on it. Everybody is abusing her for these shameful activities. Our actors don’t care that what they are wearing, they should think before wearing these kinds of dresses. Actress... more →
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Actress Kanwal Nazar Gets Injuries after Falling From Stairs

Actress Kanwal Nazar
Karachi: Actress and director Kanwal Nazar got injured due to falling off the stairs. Actress got more than two stitches on her head. She was coming back from shooting and she fell down from the stairs of shopping mall. Kanwal could not control her balance, while falling from the stairs and fell upside down. People in the mall took... more →
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