2000 Rupees Note in Pakistan?

Pakistani rupees
The whole social media and the most popular websites are surrounded by publishing and posting the news about decision of state bank of Pakistan; publishing Rs.2000 currency (do hazar ka not). It is much more interesting to know that state bank of Pakistan also intending to publish Rs.10000 currency note. The 10000 Rupee currency,... more →
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What is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Mobile Number?

Bilawal Bhutto
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is the youngest political leader and the chairman of the Pakistan People Party. He is leading the party with his warm blood and determined for the democratic politics. Bilawal Bhutto being the youngest leader of the party he arrests the minds and hearts of his fans. This is the wish of his every fan to contact... more →
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What is the reality of Kashmala Tariq Marriage?

Kashmala Tariq
Kashmala Tariq; well known and fascinating Pakistani woman politicians. She complete her LLB and LLM as a cooperate lawyer at Punjab Law College. But, now she is an active political leader and woman right activist. She also served as a member of National Assembly form 2002 till 2012- ten years tenure. She faces many rumors on her... more →
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