Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh Tells About Axact’s Clients

Shoaib Ahmed ShaikhShoaib Ahmed Shaikh while talking on a talk show told about the clients of Axact’s product said that the Nature of Business to Consumer(B2C) businesses is of such sort that the details of clients is not easy to gather as the business is catering thousands of clients. Where as in addition to it he also said that in Business to Business (B2B) company sells its products to other countries’ companies.

On the question that what are the clients (Businesses) who are buying Axact’s software he didn’t clearly answered this question. He said that normally in B2B the companies produces the products and sells it to another business which the later sells under its own brand name. Adding to it he gave example of the B2C Businesses and said that it is not possible to ascertain the clients in such case. Whereas Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh didn’t mentioned any Business which are the client of Axact.

The New York Times published an article which accused Axact of owning Business of fake degrees and titled Axact as ‘Diploma Mill’. Afterwards Pakistani Media uplifted the issue and Government also stepped into the matter resulting in FIA initiating the Investigations and at initial stage interrogating the executive employees and gathering the evidences from the Axact Headquarters.

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