Geo News newscaster Rabia Anum gave a mouth breaking reply to the sarcastic tweet from Mubashir Luqman senior anchor person of ARY News. Mubashir Luqman tweeted “If Geo was the last channel on this planet and offered me the position of its MD; I would join a different profession instead”.

Rabia Anum responded to Mubashir’s ironic tweet strongly by replying “Thanks a lot, stay there where you are”. Approximately 116 people favourited her answer and more than 42 retweeted it. Along with Rabia Anum numerous other twitter users gave their analysis on his tweet. Some of them objurgated his tweet and others appreciated as well.

Afterwards conversation was flared up between two anchors in which Mubashir gave another harsh remark about Geo TV. However Rabia Anum managed to respond in an ambiguous way of criticizing indirectly.

Earlier Mubashir Luqman has also criticised Shahzeb Khanzada’s joining of Geo TV and gave his remarks that “it’s my wish that may Shahzeb change his decision of becoming a part of Geo News”.

ARY News and Geo TV both are Pakistan’s largest broadcasting channels. The rival-ship between both always makes to the news every now and then.