Babar Awan Joins Neo TV After Leaving Dunya News

Babar Awan Join Neo
Senior lawyer, columnist, politician and news analyst Babar Awan has joined Neo TV, after leaving Dunya News. Neo News has released posters of new show of Babar Awan with the same title “Ikhtilafi Note”. The program will be started from 30th of October, 2015 and will be broadcasted from every Friday to Sunday at 08:05 pm, on... more →
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Frustration on its Peak in Bol Network Staff

Bol News is facing serious crisis nowadays as its top anchors and personalities have leaved in the recent months, while almost all the others are searching for career opportunities in other channels. According to the sources of the channel, employees of Bol News are facing frustration nowadays and didn’t expecting any good from... more →
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