Model Ayyan vs Actress Meera Contest Started on Eid

Ayyan Ali
Supermodel Ayyan Ali and film actress Meera have started competition for the Eid dresses and on animals for Qurbani. According to the reports, both the showbiz personalities have decided to compete each other on Eid dresses and Qurbani animals. Meera and Ayyan Ali normally buy suits from same boutique and after this new competition,... more →
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Junaid Jamshed Holds Hand of Hadiqa Kayani Controversially

After stepping out from the previous conflict, famous religious scholar and former singer Junaid Jamshed has entered in the new controversy. Some pictures of Junaid Jamshed are circulating widely on social media, in which he is holding the hand of popular female singer Hadiqa Kayani. On the launching ceremony of his new national... more →
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