First Newspaper Of British India

Bengal Gazette, or. Calcutta General Advertiser. It was a two sheet paper, about 12 inches by 8 inches, with three columns printed on both sides. It published mostly extracts from the English newspapers and correspondence from local and distant writers. Its special features were addresses to the public from Mr. Hickey, a “poets’... more →
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The Press In 18th Century

In September, 1768 the following notice was found affixed to the Council Hall and other public places of Calcutta. To The Public: “Mr. Bolts takes this method of informing the public that the want of a printing press in this city being a great disadvantage in business and making extremely difficult to communicate with intelligence... more →
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The Growth Of Muslim Press In The Sub-Continent

The tempo of political agitation was quickened by the Muslim Press in Particular, in 1919, that set up new traditions of sacrifice. The Zamindar reappeared in December 1919. Its circulation was 6129 in 1921, 5150 in 1922 and 5400 in 1923. during the phase it had to deposit three securities of Rs. 2000 each which were all forfeited.... more →
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