Role Of Muslim Press 1924-1937

The pro-league Muslim Press of this phase was spear¬headed by the “Muslim Outlook” and “Inqilab” whose lead was accepted by Muslim papers all over the sub-continent. Their contribution was as follows: They exposed the machinations of the Congress and brought to surface the mischief done through the Nehru Report. Despite... more →
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Muslim Press In Historical Perspective

Face-to-face communication was the order of the day in primitive society, when feudal states expanded and empires began to emerge the monarchs had to devise new techniques of communication in order to maintain contact with people inhabiting the far-flung areas of the empire. The Pharos of ancient Egypt inscribed stories of their... more →
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Growth of Muslim Press

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, by sponsoring and running “Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq” and the bilingual “Scientific Society Magazine” laid the foundations of press as an institution of society as he had a message to deliver and had no profit motive. These two periodicals, financially sustained more by donors than by subscribers, aimed to bringing... more →
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