Chef Irfan Wasti Cooking Biography

Irfan Wasti
Chef Irfan Wasti is one of the best chefs of Pakistan. He brings delicious three recipes in his every episode and he cooks three dishes with one ingredients. He has the ability to bring different taste in three dishes with same ingredients. This is indeed quite amazing and frugality as well. We could save our money from his different... more →
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Actor Naveed Raza Brief Biography

naveed raza
Actor Naveed Raza showed his talent in reality show “Hero bannay Ki Tarang” and his good performance won the heart of the judges of this program. Now he is working in lots of serial, soaps and films and worked well in lots of dramas. He also performed in the movie of Syed Noor “Prince of Honor”. Actor Naveed is considered... more →
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Chef Lal Majid Brief Biography

Lal Majid
Chef Lal Majid is the famous chef and designer of Pakistan, lives in Karachi. She is running Lal chocolates. She wants to share her all experience with the viewers, whatever she learned from USA and Britain. Chef is the master of baking and cooking too. Chef Lal has the ability to cook every kind of dishes. Her program on Masala... more →
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