Urdu Social Media Summit 2015 to be Held on 8th May in Karachi

urdu social media summit 2015 press conference
Karachi: The first ever International Urdu social Media conference will be held in Karachi University on 8th of May 2015. Urdu language is the symbol of unity of Pakistani nation. Urdu is the language of great Importance not only in today’s era but in the past too, it was recognized by the British crown as an official language... more →
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Pakistani Bloggers Proved Truthful in Aamir Liaquat’s Case

Aamir Liaquat11
Pakistani Bloggers claimed that Aamir Liaquat has joined express news or he is going to join express news 20-23 days back but Aamir Liaquat neglected these claims and termed them as rumor. Now Aamir Liaquat has officially joined Express news and going to host Ramzan transmission at Express News. Aamir Liaquat itself proved that bloggers... more →
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