Double Standard Of Interior Ministry Discussed On Social Media

Exclusive report on BBC about the alleged crimes of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is widely discussed not only on Pakistani electronic and print media, but also caused a stir in the corridors of politics. According to the latest reports of Pakistani news channels, Interior Ministry has written a letter to the British Government... more →
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Pakistan Broadcasting Association Publishes Report on Axact & Bol Network

Top broadcasters body of the country, Pakistan Broadcasting Association (PBA) has published a detailed report on Axact and Bol Network in the leading newspapers of Pakistan. One page report with the title “The Facts About Bol and Axact” have raised many points on the source of income of so called biggest IT company of Pakistan... more →
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Journalist & Host Sabookh Syed Brief Biography

Sabookh Syed
Sabookh Syed is from Abbottabad, he also got his early education from Abbottabad. He also completed High-School from his home town. He moved to Peshawar to acquire higher education. He graduated from Peshawar University after completion of studies. His passion to work as a journalist led him to join a media group as a reporter. Sabookh... more →
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