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Bahria TownThe largest real estate developers and investor group of Pakistan, Bahria Town is all set to launch its television channels in Pakistan. Pakistan Media Updates had already revealed this news that Bahria Town is going to launch its own television channels in Pakistan. Bahria Town has given one page advertisement in the leading newspapers of Pakistan and announced to receive applications for hundreds of positions in various cities of Pakistan. There would be 4 television channels which will be launched under the name of Bahria Town including News, Entertainment, Sports and Health.

Bahria Town is looking for both the experienced and fresh candidates who are willing to work in the media industry with popular group. Following are the department under which several positions have been announced by Bahria Town:


  • Director News (Experienced)
  • Controller News (Experienced)
  • Senior Producer/Shift In-charge (Experienced)

Run Down

  • Executive Producer (Experienced)
  • Senior Executive Producer (Experienced)
  • Producers (Experienced)
  • Associate Producers (both Fresh/Experienced)


  • Senior Producers (Experienced)
  • Producers (Experienced)
  • Associate Producers (both Fresh/Experienced)

Copy Desk

  • Senior Copy Editor (Experienced)
  • Copy Editors (Experienced)
  • Copy Writers (Experienced)


  • Senior Producers (Experienced)
  • Producers (Experienced)
  • Associate Producers (both Fresh/Experienced)


  • Senior Producers (Experienced)
  • Producers (Experienced)
  • Associate Producers (both Fresh/Experienced)

Assignment Desk

  • Senior Producers (Experienced)
  • Producers (Experienced)
  • Associate Producers (Experienced)

Monitoring / Tickers

  • Senior Producers (Experienced)
  • Producers (Experienced)
  • Associate Producers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Composers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Translators (both Fresh/Experienced)

Sports Desk

  • Executive Producer/Sports Editor (Experienced)
  • Senior Producer (Experienced)
  • Producers (Experienced)
  • Associate Producers (both Fresh/Experienced)

Entertainment / Showbiz

  • Senior Producer (Experienced)
  • Producers (Experienced)
  • Associate Producers (both Fresh/Experienced)


  • News Anchors (Experienced)
  • Junior News Anchors (both Fresh/Experienced)


  • Bureau Chiefs (Experienced)
  • Senior Reporters (Experienced)
  • Reporters (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • News Cameraman (Experienced)
  • Sub Editors (Experienced)
  • Non Linear Editors (Experienced)

Make Up

  • Senior Makeup Artist/Artists (both Experienced and Fresh)
  • Wardrobe Assistants (both Experienced and Fresh)

Main Station Uplink

  • Uplink Managers (Experienced)
  • Uplink Engineers (Experienced)
  • DSNG Technicians / Engineers (both Experienced and Fresh)

Main Station Broadcast

  • Manager Broadcast (Experienced)
  • Broadcast Engineers (Experienced)
  • Control Room Operators (Experienced)
  • Transmission Officers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Senior Cameraman (Experienced)
  • Cameraman (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Ingest Operators (Experienced)
  • Technical Helpers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Electrical In-charge in GS (Experienced)
  • Archive Officers (both Fresh/Experienced)

Main Station I.T

  • IT In-charge (Experienced)
  • System Support Engineers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Hardware Engineers (both Fresh/Experienced)


  • Programming Directors (Experienced)
  • Assistant Directors (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Senior Producers (Experienced)
  • Producers (Experienced)
  • Associate Producers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Content Developers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Script Writers (both Fresh/Experienced)

Product Development / Strategy

  • Head of PD (Experienced)
  • PD Managers (Experienced)

On Air Promotions

  • Head of OAP (Experienced)
  • Managers OAP (Experienced)
  • OAP Assistants (Fresh)
  • Promo and Music Directors (Experienced)

International Content

  • Acquisitions and Syndications Head of ICAS (Experienced)
  • Managers ICAS (Experienced)


  • Director Creative (Experienced)
  • Managers (Experienced)
  • Set Designers (Experienced)
  • Assistant Set Designers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Senior Animators (Experienced)
  • Compositors (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • 2D/3D Animators (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Graphic Designers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • VIZRT Designers (Experienced)

Non Linear Editing

  • Senior Non Linear Editor (Experienced)
  • Non Linear Editors (both Fresh/Experienced)


  • Director Marketing (Experienced)
  • Manager Marketing (Experienced)
  • Manager Research (Experienced)
  • Manager Monitoring (Experienced)
  • Marketing Executives (Fresh)


  • Director Sales (Experienced)
  • Sales Managers (Experienced)
  • Sales Associates (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Sales Coordinators (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • CTS Supervisor (Experienced)
  • Traffic Coordinators (Experienced)
  • Sales Executives (Fresh)


  • Distribution Managers (Experienced)
  • Distribution Officers (both Fresh/Experienced)

Production House

  • Head of Operations (Experienced)
  • Manager Operations (Experienced)
  • Production Directors (Experienced)
  • Production Managers (Experienced)
  • Assistant Managers (Experienced)
  • Casting Director (Experienced)
  • Talent Managers (both Fresh/Experienced)


  • Hosts, Presenters and Anchors (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Actors (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Concept Producers (both Fresh/Experienced)
  • Make Up Artist (Experienced)

Bahria Town is looking for talented and dedicated candidates for all the above given positions. All the positions will be fulfilled totally on merit basis and candidates using other means for recruitment will not be entertained.

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