Complete Profile and Biography of Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh the Chairman and CEO of Axact and Bol Group is known as a charismatic and visionary Entrepreneur. He started the Information Technology (IT) business back in 1997. IT was something completely new for Pakistan at that time. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh the visionary man realized the potential in the field and took the step to launch the IT business. In the initial days of his business he used to work just from one room office.

His business ‘Axact’ kept on growing year after year and with the passage of time more business units kept on adding with the parent business moving further ahead the organization size became considerably large. He gave Axact its vision, mission, core value and direction to prosper further. His leadership skills had a great impact on the employees and with effort along with determination Axact kept on growing with a steady pace.

Axact emerged as IT service provider and software making company which not only catered small and medium sized businesses but also larger organizations. Currently Axact is offering a wide range of products which range from Basic Data protection up to an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) to other complex business related software packages.

Under the leadership of Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh Axact now has 10 Business Units, Axact is one of the organizations with the most diversified portfolio of Businesses.

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh The ventures include Education, App Development for multiple platforms, Research unit which not only caters Business to Business Needs but also Business to Consumer needs along with state of the art facility which is available for all, on the global scale. Axact is also a leading Software Systems provider which specifically caters custom needs of each business separately. The diverse portfolio also includes Business to Business Market place unit which provides a platform for businesses to meet.

The visionary leadership of Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh directed Axact to go for a revolutionary Media house ‘Bol Media Network’.

Bol TV started to create impact even before its launch, state of the art studio and equipment along with professional anchorpersons and journalists Bol has become the biggest thing even before its launch. Shoaib Ahmed led his venture of 10 business units to success; currently they are present in 120 countries of 6 continents on the globe. Covering 1300 cities around the world makes them the biggest private organization of Pakistan which contributed 65% in Pakistan’s total exports as per State Bank.

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