Iqrar Ul Hassan Will Host Naiki Segment in Shan E Ramazan

Shan e Ramzan
Famous and talented journalist of Pakistani media industry Iqrar Ul Hassan will host Naiki segment in ARY Digital’s Ramzan transmission Shan e Ramzan. In this special segment, young host will encourage Muslims from not only Pakistan but other parts of the world to donate as much as they can for the needy people. The host will present... more →
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Ahmed Jahanzeb to Host Ya Raheem Ya Rehman Ramzan on Abb Takk TV

Ahmed Jahanzeb
Popular singer and model of Pakistani showbiz industry Ahmed Jahanzeb will host Ramzan transmission on Abb Takk TV with the title “Ya Raheem Ya Rehman Ramzan”. The transmission will be live broadcasted from Karachi, starting from first Ramzan and continued till last Ramzan. Ya Raheem Ya Rehman Ramzan transmission will consists... more →
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Registration Method for Samaa TV Ramzan Karim Transmission

Sahir Lodhi
One of the leading news channels in Pakistan Samaa Television has announced its Ramzan transmission 2015, titled as “Ramzan Karim”. The transmission will be hosted by popular host and model of showbiz industry along with religious scholar Syed Bilal Qutub. The Ramzan Karim transmission will be live broadcasted from Karachi on... more →
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