How to Write Urdu in Computer and Internet?

Typing in Urdu on the computer and Internet is not something impossible now. A simple software needs to be installed along with few steps to be followed to enable yourself to type in Urdu. Although Urdu Keyboard that is the hardware is not required for this method only the application along with the fonts and keyboard layout which... more →
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Mobile Snatching Group Exposed in Karachi

As we know that mobile snatching has been fiercely increased in our cities as most people have gone through from this incident. There is no who one who can arrest these snatchers and take such strong actions against them in order to eradicate these crimes from the cities due to which cities’ situations are getting worst day by... more →
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Jobs in Etisalat Academy Dubai, UAE

Etisalat-Academy-Dubai banner
One of the biggest business groups of United Arab Emirates, Etisalat has announced new job opportunities for its academic unit in Dubai. Multiple jobs have been announced by the Etisalat Academy including Head of Cyber Security Centre, Events Manager, Assistant or Analyst, Receptionist, Office Assistant, Manager Customer Relations,... more →
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