Salman Khan’s Identical Husnain Saleem Get Bollywood Offers

Salman Khan identical Husnain Saleem
Lahore: Pakistani actor Husnain Saleem has said that he resembles with Salman Khan by the grace of Allah. Everyone makes me resemble with Salman and I also try to copy Salman khan, Husnain said. Actor Husnain has been offered from Bollywood and Indian people want to see him. Actor Husnain will try to work in his own style, if he... more →
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News Anchor Iqra Shahzad Gets Married

iqra shahzad wedding picture
Famous news anchor of Dunya news Iqra Shahzad got married in Lahore. Iqra is very good news anchor; she was looking gorgeous in red bridal dress and wearing nice jewelry as well. Her makeup was also good which is done by makeup artist of channels. The editor of Dunya news Salman Ghani, Commissioner Rashid Mehmood Langrial also attended... more →
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Singer Annie Khalid Responds on Sataesh Khan Divorce

Sataesh Khan
Lahore: Singer Annie Khalid has said that she is blamed for the separation of her ex husband Noureed Awan from TV actress Sataesh. Singer Annie has said that she is not interested in her ex husband anymore. Actress Sataesh was expelled from the house of her in laws and she was threatened by her in laws. Some media reports blamed... more →
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Noor Is Going To Host the Reality Show “Jo Fit Hai Woh Hit Hai”

noor bukhari
Lahore: The reality show “Jo Fit Hai Woh Hit Hai” is going to be hosted by film actress Noor. Singer Ghulam Ali, Ustad Hamid Ali Khan and comedian Iftikhar Thakur are going to be the judge of this show. New singers and dancers will be selected on merit in this show. They are selecting talented people for this program these days.... more →
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