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Hum Network is ready to launch its news channel ‘Hum News’ for which hiring process have been started. The decision of a new channel was taken in August during the meeting of Board of Directors of Hum Network & now you can apply to become part of the channel. The decision of launching the channel was taken 2 months ago but... more →
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Sana Mirza Joins 92 News, Left Jaag TV

One of the most known and senior anchorperson of Pakistan ‘Sana Mirza’ left Jaag TV to join 92 News, she revealed through her twitter account. She started her career from Geo News from where she become one of the most famous anchor person. Ask any newsholic person and he will be familiar with Sana Mirza through her news... more →
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Neelam Yousaf Left Ary News, Join Bol TV

Neelam Yousaf is a famous Pakistani news anchor who was part of ARY News from past 4 years but recently announced her departure from the channel. It is not known why she left ARY but her tweet revealed that now she will be part of Bol TV which is among Pakistan most booming and growing news channel. Neelam thanked her colleagues... more →
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