Comparative Study of Various Channels

In above lines, we have amply clarified that the audiovisual channels always prove more effective and apparently  register highest retention, whereas the aural presentation retains longer and durable effects as compared with the print alone. From the prevailing rate of literacy of 26% only in pakistan and similarly in other developing... more →
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Decoding (Communication)

It has been observed that the communication is rather a continuous process which has no end in itself. In the process, we are continuously encoding and decoding from our environment. By decoding, we mean to convert a coded message into intelligible language that is to break up the encoded message into basic units for purposes of... more →
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Scales Of Communication

There have been suggested the following scales of communication by Wilbur Schram; as A) Time Consuming Channels: These channels are studied vis-a-vis time consumption, as we fully devote our attention to receive the message either listening to a speech on air, or a engaged in face-to-face meeting. It is closely related to time factor... more →
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