Bol TV Channel to Launch on December 25, 2016

BOL TV office
After the New York Times story on Axact the launching of the ‘Biggest Media Enterpirse’ was delayed and later become impossible when the CEO of Axact Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh was arrested and the bank accounts of Axact were frozen. But now after 15 months of difficulties Bol TV is finally ready to be launched at 25th December 2016.... more →
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Rauf Klasra Tells Reason To Leave ARY News

Rauf Klasra
One of the most famous and experienced journalists/news analysts, Rauf Klasra has finally revealed the reason for leaving ARY News. In a recent program Hum Dekhenge on Channel 92, host of the program Asima Shirazi invited Rauf Klasra and Amir Mateen as a guest and asked him reason for leaving ARY News in just few months. In his reply,... more →
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