Hello Package Zong Details

ZongZong daily call package *2200# also called Zong hello package this package offers daily 100 free mints, 100 SMS, and 1 MB internet free when it is subscribed.


Here is the detail how to subscribe and unsubscribe the Zong hello daily bundle

The subscription is very easy and simple just Dial*2200# and reply with 1 for; but remember this package is available only for the pre-paid customers.

As its subscription the un-subscription is also done similarly and for which also just dial *2200# and reply with 2 and the package will be de-activated after receiving a confirmation on your number.
This Zong hello daily bundle is the second name of excitement and over joys; the reason is it makes the customers busy in whole & nights. The magic of this Zong 100 mint package is this is available at the lowest and the cheapest rate for the customer across the country.

Zong hello pkg-package- is one of the best customer oriented packages. The Zong daily call package *2200# is one of the all in one package because in a single subscription you will be granted multi offers such free SMS, Call, and Minutes.

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