Mobile Snatching Group Exposed in Karachi

As we know that mobile snatching has been fiercely increased in our cities as most people have gone through from this incident. There is no who one who can arrest these snatchers and take such strong actions against them in order to eradicate these crimes from the cities due to which cities’ situations are getting worst day by... more →
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Obscene Content On Social Media Creates Trouble For Pakistani Celebrities

Lahore: The leaked videos and obscene material on social media has become the cause of panic among artists. According to the details, during the past few months nude videos and other offensive content of Pakistani artists have been put on social media due to which many of the artists have been suffering from trouble. The obscene... more →
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Sasha Agha to Act in Her Mother’s Sequel Bollywood Movie

Sasha Agha
Well-known actress Salma Agha is planning to make a sequel of her Indian movie “Nikah”. She named her movie is “Ek Nikah Aur”. A leading role will be played by Salma Agha and her daughter Sasha Agha in this film. Actress Salma started her career in 1980 from the movie “Nikah”. It was the super hit movie of 1980 and actress... more →
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