Legendary Actor Hassam Qazi Biography

Hassam Qazi was a legendary actor and one of the most senior artists of Pakistani television industry. He was born in 1963, in Quetta, Balochistan and started acting in the 80’s when he was a college student. Hassam Qazi did Masters in Commerce from Balochistan University and was appointed as a lecturer in a college but he didn’t... more →
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Government Officials Misbehaved with Shoaib Shaikh – Video Leaked

The investigations of FIA are still going on the Axact scandal and Chairman and CEO of Axact is in the custody of FIA, along with his partner and other management members. But it has been reported several times that the police and investigating agencies are not treating him well and now this leaked video has proved it. Exclusive... more →
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Impacts of Ramzan Shows On Pakistani Society

aamir liaquat in ramzan shows in pakistan
As the Holy month of Ramzan begins with all its blessings and beautiful colors on humanity, almost all the TV channels of Pakistan have started their special Ramzan transmissions. Ramzan programs on almost all the TV channels of Pakistan are being hosted by actors, actresses and other showbiz personalities. Expensive sets are specially... more →
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